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CV56BL-Y24 Software Free Download

    CV56BL-Y24 LED TV Software Free Download.

    CV56BL-Y24 Specifications & Information

    • Brand/Mark: Universal HD Three-in-One Board
    • Model: CV56BL- All Models
    • Main Chip: SUMV56RUU-Z1
    • Product: LED TV
    • LED Backlight: CV56BL-Y24, 28 to 33v 300mA
    • Flash IC: 4Mb
    • Screen supported: 26-46 inch
    • Resolution: Up to 1920×1080
    • CV56BL-Y24ervice Code: Source/Input+2580

    CV56BL-Y24 Firmware Update For Free Download.

    File Name
    CV56BL-Y24 1366X768 COSCO
    53 downloads3.12 MB
    CV56BL-Y24 EGO 24 Backup
    61 downloads3.37 MB
    CV56BL-Y24-EGO 24-Backup
    21 downloads3.37 MB
    67 downloads3.37 MB
    CV56BL-Y24 1366X768 COSCO
    62 downloads3.12 MB

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